About The Buzz: Cranberries offer unique protective health benefits?

TheBUZZ Cranberries offer unique protective health benefits?


Cranberries provide your body with unique natural compounds that offer protective health benefits.


Cranberries contain naturally produced compounds called PACs (proanthocyanins) that have been shown to promote a healthy urinary tract. Cranberry PACs are unique to this fruit and are not found in most other types of berries or foods. Emerging studies show that cranberries may help support heart health due to their naturally occurring polyphenol content. In fact, a recent review of US NHANES data shows children and adults that regularly consume cranberries as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, have improved heart health characteristics.¹


A new 2013 literature review conducted by ten worldwide experts in cranberry and health research evaluated more than 150 published research studies concluding that …

  1. Cranberries have unique bioactive compounds that are not found in other types of berries.
  2. Cranberries interfere with bacterial adhesion in the urinary tract, which helps protect against urinary tract infections (UTI). UTI affects more than 15 million women in the U.S. each year.
  3. The consumption of cranberries and cranberry products may also improve cardiovascular health by improving blood cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure and inflammation which may help blood vessels function better and slow the formation of plaque in arteries (clogged arteries), which can lead to heart attacks and stroke.²


A diet rich in fruits and vegetables provides many nutrients your body needs to be at its best. You can also modify your risk factors for certain diseases by eating a healthy and balanced diet that includes a variety of fruits and vegetables. Many fruits and veggies, like cranberries, can be enjoyed year round and are available fresh, frozen, dried and as juice, making it easier to think of new and fun ways to enjoy them!

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