10 Fantastic Fruit & Veggie Hacks

Make creating delicious meals and snacks with fruits and veggies easier and faster all while reducing food waste with these 10 fantastic hacks!

1. If your bananas are overripe, peel them, add them to a zip lock bag and freeze. Great for smoothies! Or use darker bananas to add extra sweetness to baked oats in place of sugar.

2. Use Envy™ Apples on charcuterie boards or any time you’re serving them to guests. Envy™ Apple slices remain fresh and white longer!

3. Mushrooms’ umami adds rich and savory flavor to burgers, pastas, stir-fries — anything! Use The Blend to add flavor, veggies and an earth-friendly ingredient to your favorite meat dishes.

4. Keep your leafies fresh and crispy by adding paper towels to the bottom and top of the packaging to absorb moisture and keep your greens fresh longer!

5. Skip the food processor and use your pantry as your prep kitchen! Use plant-based bottled dressings and dips to save you time and add flavor. Dressings and dips are great ways to add more fruits and veggies to your day.

6. If a recipe calls for a poached pear, use canned pears. They’re already cooked and ready to go!

7. Batch cook potatoes to fuel your week! Potatoes are a go-to vegetable providing the energy, potassium and vitamin C you need to perform your best.

8. Savor your berries even longer! Store berries in glass jars with lids in the fridge (mason jars work great) to help them last twice as long.

9. Wonderful seedless lemons are a natural hack! Enjoy the zesty flavor of lemons with no pesky seeds – a mixologist’s dream!

10. Have celery? Rinse, trim the ends and cut into smaller-sized stalks for munching in hummus and nut butter. Store in a water bath to keep that crunch you’re craving.

Sponsored by: Dole Food Company, Envy Apples, The Mushroom Council, Local Bounti, Mother Raw, Pacific Coast Producers, Potatoes USA, Sun Belle, and The Wonderful Company

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