2020 PBH State Of The Plate Toolkit

The results are in. As a society, we are chronic underachievers at eating our fruits and veggies and, subsequently, we are short-changing the health and well-being of generations of Americans. In 2020, PBH commissioned an update to our trended fruit and vegetable consumption research. Sadly, the news is not as encouraging as we would hope. America’s fruit and vegetable consumption continues to erode over time. We must act NOW to reverse this trend.

We owe it to Americans to help them easily eat, enjoy and maybe even love more fruits and vegetables for improved health and happiness. Please use the resources and insights at the links below to join us in making a new era of conscious consumption a reality! #haveaplant

2020 PBH State Of The Plate Executive Summary
Additional access to the PBH 2020 State of the Plate research is exclusive to PBH members and Lead The Change supporters. Send us an email to request access.

Key Messages & Supporting Data Points
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Sample Social Media Posts
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Sample Media Pitch
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Retail & Foodservice Activation Ideas
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Expert & Professional Webinar
State Of The Plate: America’s Fruit & Vegetable Consumption Trends
Hear results from PBH’s NEW 2020 State of the Plate research! Conducted with The NPD Group every five years, this study takes a deep dive into Americans’ fruit & vegetable eating behaviors to help us unlock innovative ideas that can inspire new fruit and vegetable habits.