Filled with seasonal produce and nutrient-rich beef, this beef slider board is the perfect addition to your grill menu.


Prepare Patties + Grill

  1. After prepping the ingredients pictured above, form Ground Beef into 3 oz. patties and place oiled veggies and patties on the heated grill.
  2. Cook patties for approximately 8 to 10 minutes (or when internal temp reaches 160 degrees F) and produce has reached desired doneness.
  3. Remove from grill.

Assemble Board & Burgers

  1. Assemble Beef Burger Board on a serving tray with rimmed sides. Start by placing a paper towel under the grilled items to help absorb excess moisture.
  2. From there, begin to build the tray with the grilled vegetables and fruits on one side and the fresh and raw produce on the other. Add in condiments and additional fruits and vegetables.
  3. Allow guests to build their own, or have a variety of pre-made burgers prepared in mini dishes for a grab-and-go style of eating (perfect if you are tight on time.)

Recipe Notes:

  • Ground Beef: Feel free to pick your desired level of leanness, based on your personal preference. I chose 85% lean/15% fat for my beef burger board because it’s preferred amongst my Shaw Kitchen crew. But, you do you!
  • Produce: use what’s in season to make the most affordable and flavor-packed board. Corn on the cob and seasonal berries or stone fruits work wonderful over the summer.

Ingredient Swaps

  • To make it lower-carb: omit the buns and add more leaf lettuce to build-your-own lettuce-wrapped beef burgers
  • To make it gluten-free: swap the whole wheat buns for a gluten-free roll or bun, or even corn tortillas for a little twist

Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t overmix the Ground Beef patties. Use a gentle touch to maintain a tender and juicy texture.
  • Get the right cook. The safe internal temperature for Ground Beef is 160 degrees F following USDA guidelines, so be sure to use an instant-read thermometer to test them before pulling from the grill. The temperature will continue to rise a few minutes after removing from the grill. Also, consider making a dent in the center of the burger patty to minimize shrinking and optimize cooking. (Find more tips here.)
  • Season the outside of the patty. Think less is more.  A little salt and pepper goes a long way to flavor these burgers. It’s also a secret of many famous burger restaurants like Shake Shack.
  • Flip produce when flipping burgers. Some produce takes a bit longer to cook per side than others, so try to arrange your grill setup so those items that have the same cook time are closer to each other for ease.
  • Save time and prep sauces ahead. If you’re feeling up to it, whip up your own hummus or special sauces to top the burgers with. But, I’ll tell you this, my simple swap secret often with this recipe is just picking up a few new fun sauces on my weekly shopping trip to toss on the board!

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