Kiwi – How do I store, select and prepare it?


Good question. Kiwifruit is very versatile. Let’s start with how to select a good kiwi. Kiwi should be slightly firm when you gently squeeze it and the skin should be rough and fuzzy. Kiwi that is spoiled will be very soft when you squeeze it or may have dimples in the skin when it is starting to become over ripe.

Once you have selected a good kiwifruit, then you get to enjoy it! Kiwi is a great addition to fruit and green salads, but also is very good in smoothies, salsas, cakes, tarts, sauces for meat and more. Kiwifruit can also be used to tenderize meat. Kiwi Recipes | Top 10 Ways to Eat Kiwi

To continue to enjoy it throughout the year, kiwifruit can be preserved in several different ways. Kiwifruit can be peeled, diced and then frozen individually on a sheet of parchment paper covering a baking pan. Once frozen, kiwi can be stored in a freezer bag for later use. Kiwi fruit can be preserved in jams and chutneys. Kiwifruit is also very tasty dried.

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