What fruits and vegetables help which parts of the body?


All fruits and vegetables contribute macro and micro nutrients that support everyday body functions. This is why half your plate should always be fruits and vegetables. Calcium from leafy green vegetables for instance regulates heart rate, builds bone and teeth, and supports blood clotting. Potassium found in a variety of fruits and veggies is needed to grow muscle, breakdown carbohydrates for energy and control the acid-base balance in the body. Carbohydrates in all fruits and veggies are used to create energy for everyday functions such as walking, blinking, and typing. Vitamin C helps heal wounds, boost your immune system, and keep teeth and gums healthy. Vitamin A in carrots, tomatoes, and other produce supports good eye health and prevents infections. The list can go on and on. Thus, it is best to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables to enhance nutrient intake for all functions in the body.

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