Do you have fruit smoothie or infused water tips and recipes?


Smoothies are an excellent way to add fruits and vegetables into your meal plan. There are so many great combinations that taste delicious. Try mixing bananas, oranges, and strawberries.  Add blueberries for a burst of blue or spinach for a burst of green!  The great thing about spinach is that you can add a few leaves to any smoothies and you add vitamins and minerals without changing the flavor.  When blending different combination of fruits and veggies, make sure to choose a fruit or vegetable with a strong flavor (i.e. bananas, raspberries, or oranges) that you already know and enjoy.  Get creative and try lots of combinations out on your own!  Learn basic steps for creating smoothies as well as searching our Fruit & Veggie Recipe Database for lots of great smoothie recipes and easy main dishes.
Q. When making infused water with fruit how long can it last safe in refrigerator?
A. Drinking water is your best choice for staying hydrated.  If you’re looking for ways to enhance the flavor of your water naturally, steeping fruits as well as vegetables will improve the taste and provide health benefits. Start with simple ingredients like lemons, limes, or oranges or be creative and experiment with flavor combinations.  Visit our Fresh Ideas for Infused Water page to craft different blends of infused water.  Always wash your fruits and vegetables under cold water to remove dirt and germs. Those with hard skins can be cleaned with a scrub brush under running water.  Soap or other cleaning agents are not necessary. Bruised or damaged areas should be removed.  Produce naturally decomposes over time and unlike store bought juices, infused water is not pasteurized and does not contain preservatives. After 4 to 12 hours of steeping, remove the produce from the water. Drink your infused water the same day it is made or refrigerate and drink within 3 days.

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