Do all mushrooms contain vitamin D?


Mushrooms specially labeled as being high in vitamin D are the only mushrooms that contain a significant level of vitamin D.

At Monterey Mushrooms, we expose our “high vitamin D” mushrooms to a precise wavelength of ultraviolet light within the UV spectrum. Naturally occurring ergosterol (previtamin-D) within the mushrooms is converted to ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) once exposed to UV light. MontereyMushrooms high vitamin D mushrooms provide 400 IUs (10 mcg) which is 50% DV per serving.

A mushroom serving is about 5 medium mushrooms – so eating just 10 mushrooms a day gives you 100% of FDA’s daily value recommendation of vitamin D.

Cooking with mushrooms specially labeled “High Vitamin D” is one of the easiest ways to add this important vitamin to your diet. Mushrooms make a terrific complement to many meals, like adding them to dishes you eat every day. Add sauteed mushrooms to avocado toast, burgers, steaks, salads and eggs!

Monterey Mushrooms, has a full line of high in vitamin D products available to customers nationwide in 8-ounce and 16-ounce packages of sliced whites, sliced baby bellas, and whole portabella caps.

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