Can mushrooms lower cholesterol levels?


Research suggests a possible relationship exists between a compound in mushrooms called eritadenine and lower cholesterol values. However, research is still ongoing and needs to be evaluated in human subjects. The studies use shiitake mushrooms because they are known to be high in eritadenine. Unfortunately, it is unclear if other mushroom varieties contain this beneficial compound. Regardless, mushrooms can be part of a healthy diet. By substituting mushrooms in recipes that call for meat, you can reduce your total cholesterol intake. Even if you can replace half of the meat in a dish with mushrooms, this will greatly reduce your consumption of cholesterol. Check out for more great mushroom recipe ideas.

Other ideas for reducing cholesterol intake: eat beans in place of animal products, fill half-your-plate with fruits and veggies, use mashed avocado on sandwiches instead of mayonnaise, and snack on nuts instead of cheese. Visit our site for heart healthy recipe ideas.

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