Turn Winter Blahs Into Winter Hoorahs!

No matter where you are, these late winter months can leave you feeling blah. The holidays are long behind us, and many are impatiently awaiting spring. But the good news is that I have a simple hack for escaping the winter blahs – go on a tropical taste escape!

Have you ever eaten your favorite holiday meal and immediately been reminded of a pleasant holiday memory? It’s a common experience because taste is closely linked to memory. It makes sense then that enjoying fruits and flavors that remind you of the tropics brings warm and sunny thoughts to the front of your mind. Get started on your own tropical taste escape here!

Pick up a pineapple

Bright in color and flavor, pineapple instantly puts a tropical spin on any dish. The sweet and slightly acidic flavor pairs perfectly with proteins like salmon and beef. These Pineapple Salmon Kabobs will give you flashbacks to a summer barbecue. They are great for grilling, but if your grill is buried under the snow like mine; Sear your kabobs in a pan, then bake in the oven until the salmon reaches an internal temperature of 145F.

If you’re looking for an extra simple recipe to take the whole family on a tropical taste escape, try these Aloha Beef Sliders. Pineapple, red pepper, and lean beef collide for BIG flavor.

Check the frozen aisle

Look for cost effective tropical fruit options like mangos, dragon fruits, and papaya in the frozen section. Many of these options in the frozen aisle come pre-cut and ready to throw into your smoothies or to top your yogurt. This convenience eliminates prep time and food waste.  Which means that one purchase of frozen fruit will help keep the winter blahs away for the whole month!

Grab some sunny Vitamin D from fortified 100% Orange Juice

Vitamin D is nicknamed the “sunshine vitamin” because our body creates Vitamin D from UV light. With shorter days and less opportunity to soak up the sun during the winter months, many of us could use a Vitamin D boost this time of year. Grab 100% Orange Juice fortified with Vitamin D to fuel your body with the nutrition that it needs, while enjoying tropical citrus flavor!

This mocktail recipe pairs 100% Orange Juice with raspberries for vibrant flavor, without skimping on the fresh fruit: Raspberry Orange Smash

Share your tropical taste escape

The more, the merrier! These recipes are perfect for spreading the winter HOORAHS with family and friends. Host a gathering to remind others of the warmer, sunnier times while creating new memories along the way.

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