Top Ten Ways To Enjoy Nuts

10.Add to Steamed Vegetables. Toss pecans and steamed green beans in a bowl with olive oil and a seasoning blend such as minced garlic and onion with salt, pepper and dried parsley.

9.Add Some Crunch to Your Mornings. Add slivered raw almonds to any of your favorite cereals and enjoy not only the added flavor but enhanced texture as well.

8.Coat Your Proteins. Dredge your meat or fish in a liquid base first (such as lemon juice or olive oil and melted butter) and then cover it in chopped pecans and spices to make your proteins more exciting!

7.Top Your Salads! Chopped walnuts or almonds add flavor and texture to any salad.

6.Stir-Up Your Stir-Fry! Make an Asian-inspired stir-fry using chicken, snow peas, peppers, onion and raw, halved cashews. Toss in some mandarin oranges to add color and flavor!

5. Saucy Sides. Wake up your traditional side dishes! Try this … add some pine nuts to your coleslaw for a different twist on a traditional favorite.

4. Nutty Desserts. Hazelnuts have a delicious flavor and aroma that’ll add a whole new element to your cookies or ice cream.

3. Wrap Them Up! Combine chopped almonds with tomato, bell pepper, onion, chopped lettuce and cilantro then lightly toss in a vinaigrette dressing. Warm a wheat tortilla and fill with the ingredients. Add some sliced avocado and you’ve got yourself a delicious, healthy lunch!

2. Perfect Pate! After soaking walnuts in water for 6-8 hours, chop them up in a food processor along with some parsley, onion, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil for a tasty spread to top whole-wheat crackers or flat-bread.

1. Trail Mix, Naturally! Making a trail mix is a healthy and easy way to have a snack on the go! Just mix in peanuts (or your favorite nuts) with a variety of dried fruit (such as cranberries, raisins, pineapple, bananas or apricots), dark chocolate bits and whole-grain oat squares. Separate the mix into small plastic bags and you’re ready to go!
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