Frozen mangos are like, THE, poster child for making it easy to Have A Plant® every single day. The beauty of frozen mangos is that they’re ready to go whenever you are. Simply pour some out of the bag to thaw – or not! – and enjoy!

Here are our top 10 Ways to eat and ENJOY this delicious, convenient fruit:

Mango Salsa. Create a mango salsa with frozen mangos, red onions, jalapenos, cilantro and lime juice. Serve over fish, shrimp, chicken or pork. Um, yes please!

Frozen Treat! Blend frozen mangos and orange juice, freeze in ice trays or popsicle molds and enjoy! A cool treat on a hot day … or any day! Your kids will love it!

Puree & Drizzle. Puree frozen mango then drizzle over low-fat vanilla ice cream and top off with raspberries. Yup. That’s really a thing.

Mango Tea. For a naturally sweet taste and a decorative touch, add frozen mango to flavored ice teas. Bonus: it also keeps your drink cold without watering it down like ice cubes!

Pancakes. Mix into any pancake batter for a refreshing twist to your usual plain or blueberry pancakes. Your littles won’t even know they were here.

Mango Kebob. Add thawed mangos to the skewers to sweeten up your traditional kebobs. Your guests will think you’re real fancy!

Smoothie. Blend 1 cup of orange juice, ½ cup of yogurt and one banana. Add 1 cup of frozen mango. Blend again. You’re welcome.

PB & … M? Skip the jelly and top your peanut butter with mangos! Toast whole wheat bread, spread with peanut butter and add thawed mango slices. A sweet change to the old standby.

Parfait! Layer low-fat vanilla yogurt, whole-grain granola, raisins and thawed mangos. Voila! Breakfast is served.

Quick Dessert or Sweet Side. Mix frozen mango, banana, strawberries and oranges in a bowl with chili powder, lime juice and honey. Serve chilled. Here’s the recipe: Slightly Spicy Fruit Salad It’s zesty, sassy and a little bit classy.

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