10. Baked, Boiled or Steamed. Use turnips any way you would use a potato, and then some. Try them baked or boiled in stews, soups and stir-fries, or lightly steamed with some butter, salt or lemon juice for flavor.

9. Mash ‘em! And you thought you could only mash potatoes! Mashed turnips add a little kick to this unique recipe. Mashed Sweet Potatoes & Turnips

8. A New Kind of Coleslaw. Enjoy shredded turnip instead of cabbage in your next batch of
homemade coleslaw.

7. Julienne Them. Turnips make a great matchstick garnish for any dish. Just cut into really thin slices and garnish as desired.

6. Eat ‘em Raw. Slice young turnips and eat raw with a dip or peanut butter or add
shredded raw turnips to salads.

5. Sow Some Seeds. Get your kids interested in fruits and veggies by helping them grow something. Turnips grow easily and your kids may even be persuaded to eat them after harvest.

4. Switch Your Greens! Use turnip greens as an alternative to cooked spinach or collard greens! They’re delicious sautéed or steamed as a side dish with garlic, onion, olive oil and lemon, or as an addition to soups, stews and pasta.

3. Roast ‘em! Add a cubed turnip to your next pot roast or pan of roasted vegetables.

2. A Sweet Side to Any Entree. Enjoy Maple-Glazed Turnips as a side dish with pork,
beef or any poultry main dish.

1. Turbo-Boost Your Stew. For an extra boost of nutrition and flavor, add turnips to soup or stew at the same cooking stage as you would potatoes.

See Nutrition Information for Turnips

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