Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Hummus

Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Hummus

Many of us enjoy hummus as a dip for veggies, but hummus — made primarily of chickpeas, tahini, oil and spices — is also a nutritious, versatile ingredient that can boost flavor and add more beans to many meals and snacks! The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend making small shifts to enjoy more nutrient-dense foods and beverages. Swapping hummus into favorite recipes can go a long way in adding the nutritional benefits of beans to your lifestyle.

10.Introduce savory to sweet. Try hummus with sweet fruits like apple slices, dates or dried apricots. Dip in or create crostini’s.

9.Make it a pizza party. Spread hummus on a pizza crust and top with feta and fresh veggies, such as cucumber, olives, red onion, spinach and tomatoes for a veggie-ful meal.

8.Add a Mediterranean flair. Skip the butter and add a Mediterranean twist to mashed potatoes with hummus.

7.Tune up tuna salad. Swap in hummus for mayo to add a flavorful twist to tuna (or chicken salad). Bonus? This swap will save calories and cut saturated fat.

6. Spoon it up. Enjoy a spoonful of hummus – or two! Two heaping spoonfuls of hummus delivers about ¼ cup of beans (or ½ serving of vegetables)… and plant protein, fiber, iron and B vitamins.

5. Pair with protein. Coat fish fillets or chicken with hummus, roll in whole grain bread crumbs and bake. Experiment with hummus varieties like roasted red pepper and lemon for extra flavor.

4. Opt for a smart start. Rise and shine with two heaping spoonfuls of hummus! Add hummus to a morning omelet with spinach and tomatoes for an extra veggie boost, or treat as a topping to whole grain toast.

3. Sneak into soups. Add hummus to soups for a nutritious and delicious creamy texture. It’s also a great option for gluten-free or vegan friends.

2. Assemble a hummich. Transform an average sandwich with mayonnaise by swapping in hummus to make it a hummich. This simple swap can cut fat by 15 grams per two tablespoon serving.

1. Dress up leafy greens. Top a colorful salad with a flavorful dressing using hummus, lemon juice and olive oil.
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