What’s your superpower? Amplify it this summer with some plant power!

When school’s out, kids need energy and nutrients to fuel their summer fun. Shake up the routine (or lack thereof) with a superhero play date featuring super powered produce. You can let kids get creative suggesting the foods they think their favorite superhero gets energized from and use our ideas below for inspiration. 


Captain America Berry Shield

Grab a large round serving platter and all the berries! For the center here, we have a Star shaped dish filled with unsweetened vanilla yogurt for dipping, but you can also use bananas or pineapple and form into a star. Surround with blueberries. Line the blueberries with raspberries and then the raspberries with marshmallows. Finally, stack strawberries, with stems removed, halved or quartered depending on the size


PB and BlackBerry Panther Sandwiches

Take 2 slices of wheat bread and spread peanut, nut or seed butter on one side and blackberry jam on the other. Boost your produce power by smashing fresh blackberries with  a fork and then spreading them with the jelly. Put them together and cut out in the shape of a panther face before adding 2 raisin eyes.


Thor Hammers

These snacks are on theme anytime there’s a thunder storm on the way. Choose a mild cheddar or cheese with similar texture. Cut into small rectangles and let sit out 30 minutes to soften. Carefully insert thin pretzel sticks in the center and serve surrounded by some cut mini peppers to resemble energy from lightning or fire.


Hulk Smoothie

To a blender, add a sliced frozen banana, or pineapple, mango or pear. Add yogurt, plenty of fresh spinach, and milk before blending. Not into Hulk? Use cherries and blackberries for a black widow smoothie.


Superhero Cheese Sticks

If you’re featuring a berry shield, be sure to at least pair with some protein and fat so your little ones stay satiated. Make it easy by drawing a superhero mask on cheese sticks!

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