Step 2: Preparation

Preparing Your Vegetable Garden
Step 2: Preparing Your Vegetable Garden: Growing Your Vegetable Garden: Fruits And Veggies More

Now that you have the perfect plan, it’s time to get in touch with your garden – literally! Loosen the soil with a garden rake, hoe or shovel and add some kind of organic matter to the existing ground.

Ideally, you want to loosen the soil to 12 – 18 inches deep. Depending on what kind of condition the soil is in you may have to add some water and let it soak in for a day or so—it will make digging much easier. The soil should be damp, not wet since that can destroy its structure. At this point you can begin adding your organic material—something like composted manure will work perfectly. You’ll want to spread roughly 4-6 inches of this material on top of the loosened soil. Let the organic material rest on top for a few days, and then work it into the soil.

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