Many of us are working from home and when I am working from home, I often get wrapped up in my work and forget to listen to my body. But when I hear that oh so familiar grumble in my stomach and look at the clock, I realize that I need a snack to keep me full until my next meal.

Making smart snacking choices can make a big impact on your health. Here are some simple tips to help you make healthier snack choices.

Fill Up On Fiber

Fiber rich foods help promote digestion and heart health. Eating fiber rich snacks like whole grain crackers, popcorn, fruits, veggies, beans, seeds or nuts will fill you up and keep you feeling full between meals. Pair your favorite nut butter with apples or pears. Choose hummus as a dipper for your carrots or cucumbers.

Pick Up Some Protein

Protein is responsible for building muscles and maintaining tissues in the body but also provides satiety or the feeling of being full after eating. Protein comes from several sources such as meat, cheese, eggs, fish and plant-based proteins such as beans, legumes, nuts, seeds and certain whole grains. Focus on including lean proteins like jerky sticks, hard boiled eggs or string cheese for a protein rich snack to keep you satisfied until your next meal.

Focus on Healthy Fats

Fat is essential to the diet and makes snacks more memorable and satisfying with enticing flavors and aromas. The key to feeling full when including fat into your snack is to choose the right types of fat to nourish your body. Focus on snacks that contain heart healthy fats like nuts, seeds and avocados. Snack on a handful of nuts like almonds or pistachios or make an avocado mash to spread on whole grain crackers or as a dipper for mini bell peppers or cherry tomatoes.

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