Pulverize & Disguise

Al Gore says global warming is no longer a political, cultural or economic imperativeIt has become a moral imperative.
It is the same with childrens health which is a very inconvenient truth.
Dr. David Katz says, Children are more harmed by poor diet than by exposure to alcohol, drugs and tobacco combined.
Dr. William Sears says, There is a blind spot in parenting called nutrition and our children are paying the price.
Our own pediatrician says, Nutrition is as much about keeping children safe as seatbelts, helmets and sunscreen.
Knowing all this, one of the most important things I can do, as a parent, is give the gift of health to my kids.
The fact is, young kids (adults too) view food as either Yuck or Yummy.
How then can I turn yucky (healthy) foods into yummy (healthy) foods?
I am challenged to get my kids to eat enough fruits and vegetables everyday, therefore, I use a very easy and practical strategy to grow and develop their young tastes for fruits and vegetables.
Its called, Pulverize & disguise and it works!
Using a food processor, I pulverize and disguise fruits into pancakes, oatmeal, plain yogurt, spreads, shakes, slushes, etc. etc.
Vegetables, I pulverize and disguise into all kinds of sauces, entres, side dishes, etc.
What Ive found is that, over time, this technique helps develop and grow my childrens young tastes and they end up liking fruits and vegetables from then on!
It is a priceless lifetime gift and it works on adults too!

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