Snacking is an important part of the day to not only keep your energy levels tip-top, but also as another opportunity to give your body the nutrients that it needs. Plus, who doesn’t love munching and crunching on something delicious in the middle of the day?

Although you might feel like your whole day is a balancing act, it’s all about balance when it comes to snacks. Choose a combination of a carbohydrate and a protein or healthy fat, such as an apple smeared with nut butter, popcorn with a side of string cheese, or sugar snap peas and a handful of almonds. This pairing will give your body a steady energy to fuel your day without a crash. The addition of the healthy fat or protein will allow the energy to continue for a couple of hours- the perfect amount of time for you to finish strong in your work or school day.

Fruits and veggies fit perfectly into this snack equation too, adding extra flavor, texture, and color. Not even to mention their powerhouse sources of vitamins and minerals. Incorporate a fruit or veggie in your next snack and give your body the energy boost that you need and the taste that’ll make your body feel good. From my kitchen to yours, here is some snack inspiration to pack for work or school, grab on the go, or make at home.

Snacks To Pack

A little prep-work goes a long way in terms of snacks. Set aside time each week to set yourself up with delicious and balanced snacks. When I prepare nutrient dense snacks in advance and have them ready when hunger strikes, I am much more likely to reach for them through the day. For example, this Carrot Hummus recipe can be blended up the night before and enjoyed as a midafternoon snack with celery, cucumbers, and whole grain crackers. Save even more time by purchasing pre-chopped veggies at the grocery store to use instead of chopping your own.

Grab & Go

Looking for something in a pinch? Stock the refrigerator and pantry with nutrient dense snacks to grab. My go-to sweet snack is Greek yogurt paired with fresh or frozen berries. I love to keep frozen berries on hand because of their versality and long-lasting nature. If you are craving something salty, single-serve guacamole with whole grain tortilla chips is another of my favorites.

Make & Enjoy At Home:

If you find yourself with a bit more time on your hands to create a snack, these recipes are staples that my whole family enjoys.

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