I’m new to juicing fruits and veggies. am I consuming a lot of calories from my juiced fruits and veggies?

It depends on how much you are consuming.
It is potentially easier to obtain more calories from juice because it is easier to consume more since the juice tends to lack the filling effects of fiber from whole fruit or vegetable.
Your best bet would be to estimate the calories in the juices you are making.


For many juices, the nutritional information available on a label of a commercial juice would give you an idea of the calorie content.
You could also look up the amounts of the exact fruits and vegetables that you are juicing to get an approximate value of calorie content for what you are consuming.
The nutritional content of some fruits and vegetables can be found on this site.
As previously mentioned, your actual fiber intake will probably be lower since most juicers strain out the pulp, but the calorie content should be close.  Perhaps a good juicing manual would be able to provide more specific nutrient information for juiced fruits and veggies.


Because of decreased fiber being associated with juicing, I would recommend that you continue eating fruits and vegetables in other forms as well: fresh, frozen, canned and dried, in order to maintain your fiber intake.
Juicing is a great option for part of your fruit and vegetable consumption, but don’t forget importance of consuming whole fruits and veggies too!
Happy juicing!

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