The Everyday Chef: Andrew Dole

Andrew Dole, RDN, CEC
Everyday Chef & Performance Nutrition Expert, Have A Plant

I started cooking as a teenager to earn gas money. Being in a kitchen didn’t start out as a passion or childhood dream for me. Restaurant jobs were teen friendly and my best friend worked at a gourmet burger joint in the local mall and helped get me a job. 23 years and a career change later I’m, not so suddenly, a 15-year culinary veteran, registered dietitian (RDN), culinary instructor and nutrition entrepreneur.

A Colorado native, I call the city of Castle Rock home with my wife and teenage son. In my free time I pretend to be a triathlete. My philosophy on multi-sports is: “why focus on one sport when I can try three and use it as an excuse to be equally bad in all of them.” So, I’ve chosen a life of chlorine, sunscreen, or both, for most of the year with great comrade and lots of time outdoors as my reward.

My professional life is equally diversified.

I am a registered dietitian, and in addition to working with Fruits & Veggies—More Matters, I’m the owner of Body Fuel Sports Performance & Lifestyle Nutrition where my time is spent helping people reach their personal nutrition goals through therapeutic diets, performance nutrition plans, and preparing meals as a private chef.

I’m also going on my 6th year of teaching culinary at the Art Institute of Colorado. Teaching people how to cook is an extraordinary experience. Whether starting with basic culinary skills or exploring regional American and Latin cuisines with advanced students the world of food never gets boring.

When I’m not teaching culinary or helping clients I keep my nutrition skills sharp as both an in-patient clinical dietitian at Rose Medical Center in Denver, CO and a dietetic graduate student at Kansas State University. “A rolling stone gathers no moss” – Publilius Syrus. I certainly keep moving.

Lastly, I think you should know that cooking wasn’t always easy for me. There aren’t stories of me pulling on the apron strings of a kitchen diva. My mother’s culinary skills were limited to boiling chicken and preparing a baked tuna casserole.

Even as a culinary school graduate cooking took lots of trial, lots more error, and the help of others to guide the way. Yet over the years I’ve learned a few tricks and come to realize that simple is best. There is no need for exotic ingredients, special equipment, or lavish budgets. A little know how, some simple ingredients, and the desire to learn can get you a darn good meal.

So let’s get it on in the kitchen! I’m here to guide your way to making fruits & vegetables a simple, sexy, and nutritious part of every meal.

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