Every Time You Host, Have A Plant®

Did you know that eating fruits and vegetables can help to improve our mood? As a party host, you are in control of what your guests eat so why not fuel them with plants that will put them in the best mood for a great gathering? Here are three tips on how to include fruits and veggies (and get your guests to eat them!) at your next gathering.

Make it Fun!

Fruits and vegetables often get the reputation for being bland and boring. But you can show people that fruits and vegetables can be delicious! Rather than having a veggie platter of celery and carrots with ranch, try something fun and tasty like Hummus Stuffed Peppers, A Vegetable Flower Bouquet with Dip, or a Grilled Mango Salsa served with chips!

Make it Easy!

Your guests will be more likely to eat their fruits and vegetables if they are easily accessible. Make sure you have precut and prewashed options available and that they are not tucked away in the refrigerator. A grazing board is a great way to encourage guests to eat more plants (you can even make individual charcuterie cups!). Or try my take on the infamous butter board – a whipped cottage cheese board! Add different fruits and veggies to pique the interest of all your guests!

Offer It First

Whether it’s an appetizer or part of the main meal, offer those fruits and vegetables first as a sure way to get your guests to have a plant! Offer your fruits and vegetables as appetizers when your guests are looking for something to munch on as they socialize. If serving a buffet or spread, have the fruits and vegetables at the beginning of the lineup. Your guests are more likely to load up their plates with food items at the beginning of the line than at the end (when they run out of space on their plate)!

So remember, every time you host, Have A Plant®! For more tips, follow the Healthy Living Team’s TikTok @healthylivingbygiant!

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