The term “hor d’ouevres” can be a bit intimidating; it sounds fancy, complicated, and to be honest, it’s even hard to spell!  Let’s take a deep breath and translate this old fashion food vocabulary into 2023 language…an app in a snap!  Whew, now that doesn’t sound so bad!  Appetizers are a great way to kick off a meal or just create a fun snacking atmosphere.  A growing trend in the app world is deliciously themed charcuterie boards.  Although boards may look intense, they are merely masterpieces of assembly.  Check out these tips to craft effortless boards that will have everyone at the table engaged, munching, and crunching.

Pick a Theme

  • Traditional charcuterie boards are full of meats, cheeses, crackers, and fruits, but think outside of the board to mix it up a bit!
  • Fall lends well to rustic boards with pumpkin spice pairings or apple-licious boards with sharp cheeses, caramels, and nut butters.
  • Dropping temps can inspire a brisk-weather-board that includes drinks like specialty hot chocolate mixes and fixings.
  • Not a special time of year? Have no fear! There’s room for boards during family date night too! My little one thinks popcorn boards are the perfect ticket for a cuddly movie night at home with her mama.

Pack It With Protein & Produce

  • Protein and produce components are what will make your board fill tummies. Including a variety of each will add eye appeal, intrigue your crew, and potentially inspire someone to try something new.
  • Meats and cheeses are a good way to add comfort to your board whereas nuts, nut-butters, and seeds are fun proteins that can add texture and dimension.
  • Fruits and veggies really can be the stars of these crafty creations as they add striking pops of color and a dab of freshness to your beautiful board.

Build Your Board

  • When your kitchen counter is covered in ingredients and your head is flooded with ideas – don’t panic! This is your chance to have some creative fun (and do a little taste testing along the way)!
  • As you’re scratching your head and staring at your blank board, pick your favorite ingredient and start there. Slowly build around that by fanning out crackers, cutting cheeses in different shapes, and sprinkling nuts in trails around your fruit.
  • This is your masterpiece, keep it stress-free and full of fun!

If you would like some more inspiration on these effortless creations, check out The GIANT Company’s free, virtual classes all about building boards and more at

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