Enjoying Fresh This Fall: Here Come The Apples!

Sweet melons, juicy peaches, savory tomatoes…these are iconic produce stars that come to mind when I think of the word “fresh”.  Ironically enough, they are all at their peak during the hot summer months. I think we need a little reminder though that spring and summer aren’t the only times for freshly picked produce. Rather than be disappointed in letting go of summer’s bounty, let’s bask in the joy of fresh fall!

If you think about it, fall produce is actually what gives us the essence of warm and cozy as the weather begins to turn. We couldn’t have PSL season if it wasn’t for pumpkins. Brussels sprouts, pears, and cauliflower are big contributors too. BUT, my favorite of all fall, is the freshly picked apple! I have so many lovely memories around apple picking at my local orchard and then whipping up slow cooker applesauce with my gram. My gram had a sweet tooth though, so we couldn’t forget also baking up apple pie, apple dumplings, and more! Whether you want to enjoy this fall beauty with a simple crisp bite or paired with cinnamon and spice, you really can’t go wrong. Check out these recipes for some more autumn apple inspiration!

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