Make your own dips and dressings to save money and create condiments that perfectly match your tastes. Summer’s fresh herbs and greens create bold and diverse flavors that will make your fruits and veggies even more delicious.

Make your own dressing! Pass on bottled dressings that are higher in salt, sugar or other attributes you’re trying to limit. Develop your own dressings using fresh herbs, greens, citrus, vegetable oils, and other add-ins. Use this Green Goddess dressing recipe on fresh salads, grilled veggies, wraps and more.

Elevate your plant-based BBQ
Grill flavorful dishes with herb sauces that bring your veggie kebabs, plant-based burgers, and other meatless meals to the next level. Use this versatile Chimichurri Sauce as a grilling sauce or dipping sauce.

Just add protein
Missing out on protein when you #haveaplant? You won’t anymore when you make herb sauces made with protein-rich, plain Greek yogurt. This creamy Herb Yogurt Sauce perfectly rounds out a plate of fresh veggies, while this Cucumber Raita pairs perfectly with curried vegetables. Save money by growing your own herbs so that you have them on hand when you need them.

Herb “butter”
Take advantage of your summer squash bounty and fresh basil with this recipe for Squash “Butter”, which isn’t made from butter, but rather olive oil to create a luscious spread. Wow guests when you add it to simple corn on the cob or serve it with grilled multi-grain bread.

Pesto makeover
Elevate spiralized veggies, grilled eggplant, or simple plate of fresh tomatoes with homemade pesto. When you develop your own pesto, you get to vary the recipe to suit your tastes. Traditionally, this herb sauce is made with basil, but why not mix it up based on what you have on hand? Try Mixed Herb, Pistachio-Tarragon, or Mint and Pea.

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