One of the reasons why I became a Registered Dietitian was because food brings people together. Whether it’s for a holiday, a birthday party, or just a fun get-together, it’s always fun to see what’s on the menu at various gatherings. Although our get-togethers are looking quite a bit different nowadays, lately I have been doing virtual dinner parties with friends that I think others would love to try as well!

We’ve all heard of book clubs, right? Well, a friend of mine recently told me all about a Cookbook Club that she and a group of friends started. This is where I got the inspiration! Once a month they do a video chat, and they all make one recipe out of a new fun cookbook (or a recipe they found online). They all cook “together” and enjoy the meal and each other’s company.

I love this idea, because trying new recipes can be intimidating and cooking with your friends is much more fun than cooking alone. Plus, you can learn from one another! If you and your friends decide to do something similar, here are a few key things in mind to make it more fun:

  • Pick a recipe that has lots of color! #haveaplant and add color in the shape of fruits and veggies!
  • Pick a recipe that is fun & unique – get out of your comfort zone and spice up the menu a bit!
  • Rotate who picks the recipe & explore all types of cuisines and cooking methods!

For many of us that love to travel and try new restaurants and local cuisines, the idea of a virtual cookbook club is a great alternative during this time. Perhaps you try to recreate one of your favorite entrees from one of your favorite places to visit or challenge everyone to make a dish using a special ingredient.

By sharing this idea of a Virtual Cookbook Club, my hope is that you find this as another way to enjoy food and spend quality time with those who mean the most to you. Whether you’re all in the same room or thousands of miles apart, food can still bring people together, just like it has for many years.

Wishing you all health & happiness!


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