A balanced blend of nutrition, served most conveniently, starts with a bowl. Then with careful construction and an emphasis on all food groups, you can create a nutritious dish with layers of grain, protein and of course, flavorful fruits and vegetables. Let’s take a trip around the world with recipes and ideas that help us build a bowl with international flavors.

Your morning bowl should be a power-packed combination that starts your day off right. Use a bit of creativity to elevate a simple grain cereal with add-ins like nuts, seeds, dried and fresh fruit (check out this Berry Breakfast Bowl for inspiration). Or take your morning smoothie further by turning it into the base for whole grains and more.

A plant-powered bowl is minutes away with this simple “Ameri-Thai” Noodle Bowl, Curried Veggie Rice Bowl, or Smokey Chipotle Tempeh Bowl. Not only are both loaded with veggies, but the versatile, simple sauces and spice blends that bring them together can be used in other dishes. If you have a bit more time, prepare this vegan “Sushi” Bowl made with firm tofu.

Just add chicken, turkey or pork and you have three bowls that offer vastly different flavors. This deconstructed Egg Roll Bowl allows you to enjoy all the flavors of an egg roll without having to roll them individually (or deep fry them!). Or if your family loves “Taco Tuesday” they’ll likely also love this Chicken Fajita Bowl no matter what day you make it. Turn one meal into two and keep the international tour going when you cook some extra chicken for this No-Cook Vietnamese Noodle Bowl.

Get creative with a bowl that works for you. Switch up the grain base for your bowl to add fiber, protein, and other micronutrients or sneak in more veggies when you use spiralized vegetables or riced cauliflower instead. Take advantage of fresh, frozen, and canned veggies to bring these bowls together as easily as possible.

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