An A-list Power Couple: Beef + Veggies!

I don’t know about you, but when I look at this breakfast quesadilla I see an A-List power couple. I’m talking about beef + veggies!

After National Fruits & Veggies Month ended, I didn’t stop thinking about all the delicious ways to put plants and protein together on my plate. That’s why I was so excited to team up with @beefitswhatsfordinner (managed by NCBA, funded by The Beef Checkoff) and highlight how I create the perfect union of taste and nutrition. If beef and vegetables are great by themselves, I think they’re even better together when they’re #UnitedOnThePlate!

It’s still a great time to shop for local produce and I picked up a couple of things to create this Steak & Veggie Breakfast Quesadilla with a DIY pico de gallo:

• Heirloom tomatoes grown on a hydroponic farm in MO
• Spicy serrano peppers from my favorite farmers market in KS
• Sweet corn, onions, and red bell peppers – my grocery store partners with local farmers to distribute what they grow so all of this came from within a 100-mile radius of where I live!

I used some thinly sliced leftover skirt steak (which is one of our all-time favorite cuts) and a scrambled egg. Then I added enough cheese to melt it all together inside a fresh tortilla. Once it was crispy, I served it up with that spicy pico, some crema, and fresh cilantro. Are you craving this yet?!

I can easily see us repeating this for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and swapping over to canned tomatoes or frozen corn once winter rolls around. And, since we just got a new (to us) chest freezer, we can stock up on all our favorite cuts of beef and hopefully keep making fewer trips to the grocery store!

What’s your favorite way to feature beef and veggies together on your plate?

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