5 Childhood Comfort Foods With A Grown-Up Twist

When we think of our childhood comfort foods, we get a warm and fuzzy feeling. Food often triggers memories of experiences that we had growing up. I’m sure if you think of cake and ice cream, birthday parties come to mind right away. Traditions can often be associated with comfort foods as well.

Just because we ate something as a child doesn’t mean we can’t have it as an adult. Grown-up food doesn’t have to be boring. I am a big proponent of throwing color into every meal – whether it’s fresh herbs, bright berries, or even colorful sprinkles!

In this post we will look at how we can amp up our childhood favorites with a grown-up twist. We can make it more nutritious, while adding some new pops of flavor.

Classic Grilled Cheese
Grown-Up Twist: Gouda & Blackberry Grilled Cheese

Don’t get me wrong, a classic grilled cheese is still one of the most comforting foods.  Change it up to add a big flavor burst with a specialty cheese and sweet blackberries. Grill it on your favorite bread.

Cheez Whiz & Crackers
Grown-Up Twist: Crackers Topped With Cream Cheese, Kiwi & Strawberry

If you were a child of the 80’s or 90’s, you know what I am talking about. These were served as both an afternoon snack and as ‘fancy’ hors oeuvres. What if we took those crackers and spread a little cream cheese on it? Top it with a slice of kiwi and strawberry. Now that’s fancy!

Deviled Eggs
Grown-Up Twist: Add A Slice Of Avocado To The Deviled Egg

Don’t mess with the classic deviled egg, just add to it! A slice of avocado paired with the creamy filling in the deviled egg will give this classic dish a boost of flavor, texture, and nutrition.

Carrots With Ranch
Grown-Up Twist: Wedge Salad Topped With Ranch & Matchstick Carrots

I’m pretty sure we just created the most delicious salad ever! Of course, carrots and ranch are a great snack for anyone. However, if you have extra carrots, why not turn it into a plate of colorful flavors with this wedge salad.

Sloppy Joe
Grown-Up Twist: Loaded Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Joes were at our elementary school lunches. It’s often forgotten about when we are meal planning as grown-ups. Bring back the classic Sloppy Joe and load it with beans, avocado, and shredded lettuce.

Our childhood favorites are a great way to bring back nostalgia from when we were a kid. Let’s aim to create those favorites again and feel free to give them a twist.

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