Refresh yourself in the new year with refreshing fruit juices. 100% fruit juice is a great way to increase your daily fruit intake. And with 75% of Americans not consuming enough fruits, most of us could benefit from hydrating with fruit.

Negative press has caused many of us to cut back or eliminate fruit juices from our diets, but it’s time to put juice back on our tables. Fruit juice can be a smart way to obtain a couple of servings of fruit each day and all the nutrients it provides. Studies show that those who drink 100% fruit juice have better diet quality and higher nutrient intake.

It’s also easy to sneak an extra veggie in fresh fruit juice. Get creative and start juicing!

Stay hydrated with these easy, refreshing, & nutrient-dense fresh juice combinations:

  • Watermelon+ Raspberries
  • Apple + Blueberries
  • Pineapple + Ginger
  • Orange + Carrot
  • Pear + Cucumber
  • Papaya + Nectarine
  • Cantaloupe + Kiwi
  • Grapefruit + Mandarin Orange
  • Apple + Pear
  • Honeydew + Strawberries
  • Strawberries + Cucumber

Infusing water with fresh fruit is another great way to hydrate with fruit. Don’t forget the fruit & herb infused ice cubes!

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