Corn on the cob is an easy and quick side that can be a nice switch from a side salad. Kids tend to love it as well!


  1. Preheat the grill to medium heat.
  2. Lightly brush cobs of corn with olive oil.
  3. Place corn on the grill. Turn corn every 2 mins (looking for the nicely charred or browned look). Turn the corn regularly for a total cooking time of about 8-10 min.
  4. Place butter, garlic, smoked paprika, thyme, cilantro, and salt in a bowl and microwave for 20 seconds (until butter is melted).  Stir.
  5. Brush butter mixture over each cob.

Recipe Notes:

*Alternatively, instead of placing the corn right on the grill, you can wrap each cob in aluminum foil.  This will give you a less overall charred taste and look.  We recommend also increasing your cooking time if you choose to use this method… add an extra 5-8 minutes.

*Try adding ¼ tsp of lime juice to the butter mixture for a little more tang!


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