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Produce For Better Health Foundation Convenes Top-Tier Trendsetting Food & Nutrition Journalists & Media Professionals For Inaugural Have A Plant® Media Meet Up

Virtual event builds fruitful relationships with media who influence millennial and Gen Z consumers’ food decisions

May 24, 2021 – Lights, camera, action! On May 20, the Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) hosted its first-ever Have A Plant® Media Meet Up with top-tier journalists and media professionals from major food and nutrition consumer media outlets, such as Good Housekeeping, Health and Parents among many others, as part of its strategic efforts to prioritize consumer media relations and inspire millions of Americans to enjoy more fruits and vegetables. PBH members HZPC Americas Corp., Potato Glory™, Naturipe Farms LLC, Stemilt Growers, LLC and Ajinomoto, sponsored the Media Meet Up, which featured an interactive agenda that circulated newsworthy information and key messages to journalists. A mix of inspiring presentations and engaging culinary discussions showcased PBH’s commitment to changing the narrative around fruit and vegetable consumption, by not only focusing on what people KNOW about fruits and vegetables and their health benefits, but also tapping into their FEELINGS, or the emotional connections people experience when eating produce, to motivate more DOING, or new consumption behaviors. Rooted in behavioral science, PBH calls this approach their KNOW-FEEL-DO behavioral framework.

“The Media Meet Up was a monumental step forward for PBH, our members and the Have A Plant® Movement, as we continue to grow PBH’s thought leadership platform with our new consumer-facing media engagement strategy and relationship-building efforts,” said Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, MS, RDN, President & CEO of PBH. “PBH is committed to advancing the fruit and vegetable dialogue and shaping new behaviors that can change consumption habits long term. Partnering with journalists and media professionals from major food and nutrition consumer media outlets, who directly affect the food decisions of millennials and Gen Z consumers at the point-of-awareness, is the perfect recipe to inspire all Americans to eat more plants, for healthier and happier lives.”

The first-ever PBH Have A Plant® Media Meet Up featured a mix of inspirational content and demonstrations, including:

  • A deep dive into consumer behaviors that affect fruit and veggie consumption and habits, including data from PBH’s State of the Plate: America’s Fruit & Vegetable Consumption Trends research;
  • On-trend culinary innovations with potatoes featuring former restaurateur Chef Alex Ong, director of culinary excellence for the University of Massachusetts Amherst and PBH Have A Plant® Culinary Ambassador;
  • Research exploring the emotional well-being benefits of eating fruits and vegetables (i.e., Food Rooted In A Better Mood®) led by premier researcher Dr. Taylor C. Wallace, PhD, CFS, FACN, PBH Chief Food and Nutrition Scientist and Principal & Chief Executive Officer, Think Healthy Group;
  • Interactive flavor exploration bursting with berries to feed the senses with specialty produce expert and all-around produce diva, Chef Jill Overdorf, Naturipe Farms LLC; Jenn LaVerdera, MS, RD, Nutrition Communications Expert, Naturipe Farms LLC; and Lori Taylor, Founder & CEO, The Produce Moms® and PBH Have A Plant® Ambassador; and
  • Real-life, practical solutions, including digital and social content communications strategies, to help close the fruit and vegetable consumption gap.

“The content presented during the PBH Have A Plant® Media Meet Up captivated my attention and introduced me to unique research, the latest trends, as well as new and innovative products,” said Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN, freelance journalist for PopSugar, The Kitchn, MSN and “I am inspired to spread the word about the Have A Plant® Movement, along with the tips and tricks I learned on how eating fruits and veggies can be easy, practical and FUN!”

To continue building relationships with consumer media, Reinhardt Kapsak will be conducting virtual deskside interviews throughout the summer, with top-tier journalists who couldn’t attend the event, and to continue conversations with Media Meet Up attendees, to further awareness of the Have A Plant® Movement and the critical need for Americans to eat more fruits and veggies. Additionally, PBH will continue to conduct consumer media outreach throughout the year, sharing consumption research and inspiring resources, based on timely hooks and relevant trends, including another push this September for National Fruits & Veggies Month.

The PBH Have A Plant® Media Meet Up featured data that can be accessed by utilizing the State of the Plate toolkit for a multitude of insights and resources, as well as the Have A Plant®: Plant-Forward Eating Guide, in partnership with California Walnuts.

For more information about how to get involved in PBH’s education and events platforms to engage influencers across four points of influence: point-of-sale (retail), point-of-flavor (culinary & foodservice), point-of-inspiration (digital & social media lifestyle & nutrition communicators); and point-of-awareness (media), contact Katie Calligaro, Marketing & Communications Director at PBH.