Why Should I Choose Frozen Mango?


“I’d like a snack that takes me all day to make,” said no one ever. Need a snack in a hurry? Looking for new ways to satisfy your sweet tooth, and save time…and save money? Frozen mango is where it’s at!

Here three reasons we are vibin’ for frozen mangoes this summer!


Think of frozen produce as nutrients held in suspended animation. Because frozen fruits and vegetables are processed shortly after harvest, they essentially “lock in” their vitamins and minerals. Recent research has revealed that the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables is generally equal to, and in some cases better than, their fresh counterparts.1 Additional research is needed on this topic. Those nutrients are locked in place until they’re on your plate.


A key benefit of frozen mango is you can portion the amount you want and leave the rest for later. Frozen mango is also pre-cleaned and pre-chopped, allowing for more quality time around the table or to just do the things you love. Better yet, mango holds its texture so well while frozen that you won’t even know the difference once it’s thawed.

Pro tip: add it straight from the freezer to a container to add to your lunch bag. It will keep the rest of your lunch cold and be thawed and ready to enjoy by lunchtime.

Reduce Food Waste

Did you know that frozen food generates 47% less food waste when compared to ambient and chilled food consumed in the home?2 By only preparing what you plan to consume, not only do you eat more of your produce, you ensure it lasts, and are likely throwing less away.

For ideas on how to use frozen mango, check out The Top 10 Ways To Use Frozen Mango.

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