How Many Servings of Fruit Per Day Should I Eat? I’m Concerned I’m Consuming Too Much Sugar.


Congratulations on eating a variety of fruit each morning! Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables helps meet your body’s nutrient needs and prevent chronic diseases. You’ll need to assess your portion or serving size of the fruits you eat to help answer your question.  A half-cup or medium size of fruit is equivalent to one serving.  A male or female aged 63 should consume approximately 4 to 4.5 servings of fruit each day.  Measure or estimate your serving sizes of fruit to determine if you are meeting your daily recommendation of fruit intake.

The primary, natural sugar in fruit is fructose which some refer to as fruit sugar. Fruit contains water, fiber and other beneficial nutrients making it an optimal choice to include in a balanced and healthy eating regimen. Learn more about the key nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.

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