How can I make crockpot chili healthy?


Chili is a great vehicle for using up what you have on hand. Maybe you have leftover roasted veggies from dinner earlier in the week or some half-used bags of frozen veggies? They all can be used! You truly can use all forms of produce in chili since it’s a dish that has many layers of flavor and textures rolled into one.

Here are a few ideas to get you started to add more veggies into your next pot of chili:

  • Slice up carrots into “coins” for a fun, kid-friendly addition
  • Throw in a few handfuls of frozen corn
  • Add canned pumpkin – especially if you have a partially used can from baking!
  • Pour in some apple cider instead of stock or water to add a deep Fall flavor
  • Raisins or dried cherries can add a nice sweetness and different texture

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