Season availability and ripeness are key to eating tasty, delicious, and nutritious fruit. Ripeness cues to consider include color, texture, aroma, and weight.
Some fruit may only be available during a growing season(s) while other fruits are available all year round. For example, apples are an all-season fruit due to the vast number of varieties and global availability.  A palatable apple should have a sweet aroma, unified color, and a texture with some softness.  Oranges are sure to please during the winter and spring months and you can expect a juicy orange when it feels heavy for its size and has firm skin. Following the citrus season in the United States, lychees come to market during the spring to summer months. For best flavor, look for those with a red shell. Grapes are plentiful during the summer months.  Those ready to eat are plump, firm, and attached to the stem.
Keep in mind, an alternative to fresh fruit is frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice; all forms count towards your daily recommendation.

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