What is the daily recommendation for fruits and vegetables?


Congratulations on your fruit and veggie intake!  The daily recommendation for fruits and vegetables is approximately 4 to 6 cups per day depending on your activity level and gender (fruit and veggie intake for women, fruit and veggie intake for men).  Based on the information you provided, the serving size for the fruits is about 1 cup and the serving size for the vegetables is about 2.5 cups.

Mother nature put much thought and chemistry into her fruits than just sweetness. There are multiple health promoting qualities of fruits provided by phenols, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.  The antioxidant quality of fruits and vegetables is just one of the many ways fruits and vegetables are protective to your health. When it comes to monitoring your sugar intake, your goal should be to limit foods that have added sugars like corn sweetner, dextrose, and glucose listed as ingredients.

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