Where can I find the nutrient content of vegetables?


We have a couple of routes you can take to find foods by nutrient content. If you are looking for fruits and veggies high in calcium for example, you can type ‘calcium’ into the search box and you will see “Best of: Calcium”. By clinking on the link you will see the ‘excellent’ (20% or greater of recommended daily value) and ‘good’ (10-19% of recommended daily value) sources for calcium. Another option is under the ‘fruit & vegetable nutrition database’ link. We have quick, printable reference guides for common fruits and vegetables that provide nutrient content. Lastly, under the ‘fruit & vegetable nutrition database’ link again, there is a ‘key nutrients’ link. From there you can click one of the main nutrients and you will be directed to “Best of:” fruits and veggies again.
If you are unable to find what you are looking for, the USDA has a National Nutrient Database for various foods as well.

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