Want A Habit That Sticks? Make It Small!

How do we make behavior change that actually STICKS? We make it small, and then we repeat that one small change over and over! Small behavior changes can add up to big habits with big health rewards. Here are some examples of how to make it happen:

If the goal is to eat more veggies, that’s probably too broad and not specific enough. Instead, MAKE IT SMALL! For example, buy one bag of spinach at your weekly grocery trip. (That could be one small step right there!) Going a step further, add a handful of spinach here and there throughout the week to your regular meals – add some to scrambled eggs, smoosh some into a melty grilled cheese, or toss some into your morning smoothie.

If the goal is to eat more fruit, our plan of action is to MAKE IT SMALL! Adding canned fruit (packed in 100% juice) to your weekly grocery list can get you going on the right path. Canned fruit is an affordable option with no prep needed, and it hangs out in your pantry ready whenever you are! Spoon it over yogurt or simply enjoy it plain after dinner!

If the goal is to cook more meals at home and eat out less, it’s also a good idea to MAKE IT SMALL! Breaking down a big goal can be as simple as incorporating pasta into your weeknight meal rotation. Pasta is a great vehicle for piling on the veggies! My favorites are spinach and cherry tomatoes, but whatever you like is going to be the best option for you. An easy weekly pasta meal with a veggie of your choice is definitely something to look forward to!

Whatever your habit goals are, remember to break it down, and MAKE IT SMALL!

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