Sugar Shock & the After-Meal Slump

Why do you feel … slumpy … after a big meal like holiday meal? Because of a change in your blood sugar levels. Eating a large meal with lots of calories and sugar causes a large increase in blood sugar. Then once your body has digested the food, there’s a large decrease in blood sugar—and you lose energy!

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Stay more awake and alert after dinner by following these tips …

  • Fruits & Veggies. Keep in mind that fruits and veggies are a great option for managing your blood sugar levels—they don’t cause a crash in energy!
  • Desserts. To keep your blood sugar stable, try desserts that include whole-wheat flour, hearty oats, fat-free whipped toppings, fresh fruits for topping, fat-free vanilla yogurt, and substitute sweeteners.
  • Fiber. Fiber is important! Add granola as a topping to desserts, use whole-wheat flour instead of white (enriched) flour, add dried or fresh fruit as a dessert or topping, and use whole-wheat pastas and breads.
  • Portions. Get a grip on your portion sizes! Portion control is crucial when controlling diabetes and your weight.
  • Sugar Substitutes. Replace regular sugar in recipes with Splenda or another sweetener.

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