What’s old is new again and Millennials are seeing that their favorite 90s trends are now back in style. Singles and parents alike who grew up in the 90s are yearning for the nostalgia of that time, whether it’s for their kiddos or themselves. Let’s talk about four 90s nostalgic treats that we’ve recreated with a grown-up twist. Knowing that today, 9 in 10 aren’t getting the recommended serving of fruits and veggies a day, we’ve added plenty of fruits and veggies to these classics. Check them out:

Bagel Bites

After school or late-night snacking, this microwavable trend was all the rage. We gave this classic a boost by adding lots of veggies to the sauce and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Ample sugar and plenty of plastic. This new twist is convenient and fun, but you have control over the yogurt in your reusable tube. We opt for lower added sugar options and don’t forget to add your favorite fruit!

Toaster Strudel

This was a favorite breakfast treat that was always on hand. Not saying I’ve saved the best for last, but this is absolutely my favorite. Blackberry and Thyme with a lemon glaze, need I say more?

BONUS! Love the strudel? Try THIS Strawberry Basil recipe that will have you wondering what you’ve been missing since the 1999.

Give yourself permission to act like a kid and take a grown-up twist on these childhood favorites. Go have some fun!

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