Learn to Recognize and Celebrate Real Beauty


Ever flipped through the latest issue of any fashion magazine and wonder how those models look so perfect?  Well, wonder no more.  I always knew there was some touch up work that was done to images before they published those fashion photos.  You know, editing out any obvious blemishes, etc., but an article making the rounds via social media and network television last week, took using Photoshop to edit models’ images to a whole, new level.


The story, “See Why We Have An Absolutely Ridiculous Standard of Beauty in Just 37 Seconds,” shows a lovely young woman transformed via digital manipulation into what results to nothing more than a living doll.  (To view the full transformation, you must click the video link in the story.)  Among the changes made to the woman–her skin color is lightened, her legs are lengthened and thinned, and her facial features are manipulated such as widening her eyes.


Here’s why I take issue with this marketing technique–it’s not real.  It sends a terrible message to women everywhere.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t “Photoshop” out my own imperfections before I head out the door.  No, instead I take care of my body–I focus on a well-balanced diet to keep my weight in-check and I exercise regularly.  And, guess what, even with that hard work I still have an extra lump or bump here or there.  That’s REAL, that’s natural.  I’m not a robot or a doll–I’m a real woman who happens to be 46-years-old.  We have to start embracing our bodies and stop trying to achieve this unrealistic version of what a magazine puts out there that’s pure manipulation.  Even more importantly, let’s start teaching our daughters that they shouldn’t fit into some mold of what a fashion magazine has told us beautiful is supposed to look like.


For anyone out there who is trying to reach or maintain a healthy weight, please don’t be deterred by these silly images.  Don’t think because no matter how hard you try you can’t get yourself to look like your favorite fashion model, you’ve failed in some way.  The reality is that most of those models don’t really look like that either!  Focus on how good you feel living a healthy lifestyle and all the good you’re doing for your body.  And, really see yourself for how great you look.  Here are some tips for staying on a healthy nutrition plan and ways to make exercise a regular part of your daily routine.


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