The Everyday Chef: Roasted Parsnip Fries

Andrew Dole, RDN, CEC
Everyday Chef, Fruits & Veggies—More Matters

Andrew Dole, Everyday Chef, Fruits & Veggies-More Matters

The Everyday Chef: Roasted Parsnip Fries

I sponsor a few local triathlon and cycling clubs here in Colorado. A member recently asked me what the heck you can do with parsnips.

A lot can be done with parsnips. It’s a root vegetable and can be treated like a potato for almost all recipes. For example, mashed parsnip, parsnip chips, parsnip purée, roasted parsnips and of course my personal favorite, roasted parsnip fries. Available year-round, parsnips are a mild flavored starchy vegetable that closely resembles a carrot.

This recipe uses blanching to create a “gelatinized” outer layer that crisps up when cooked at high heat. Blanching uses hot boiling water or oil to partially cook an item. It’s the fundamental step when trying to achieve a crispy fry.

Roasted Parsnip Fries Recipe
Serves 6

3 parsnips, peeled
½ tbsp canola oil
¼ tsp coarse kosher salt
¼ tsp paprika smoked, sweet
¼ tsp garlic powder
¼ tbsp onion powder
¼ tsp black pepper, fine
3 sprigs parsley, raw

1. Blanche cut parsnips in lots of boiling, lightly salted water for 3-4 minutes. Should be firm and undercooked, but outside slightly soft.

2. Drain and spread into thin layer on sheet try. Refrigerate and cool. Can be frozen for later use

3. Combine spices together in small bowl.

4. When parsnip fries are cooled set oven to 450°F.

5. Toss chilled parsnips in bowl with 1 tsp of canola oil – coat well.

6. Sprinkle moderately with spice mixture -toss to coat.

7. Spread seasoned parsnips onto sheet tray and roast at 450°F until brown, caramelized, and begin to crisp on outside.

Garnish with extra seasoning mix if desired.

Nutrient Analysis
Calories: 43, Protein: 0.57g, Carbs: 8.0g, Total Fat: 1g
Sat Fat: 0, Cholesterol: 0.00, Sodium: 84 mg, Fiber: 1.5g

Photo Credit: Andrew Dole

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