Celebrate Walnuts’ Roots In California

Walnuts have deep roots in California, where nearly all of the nation’s walnuts are grown on multi-generational family farms. Santa Barbara is known as the birthplace of modern walnut production. In the 1870s, orchard planting began in this coastal city as well as California’s Central Valley, which continues to be a prime walnut growing region due to the Mediterranean climate. In fact, California walnut growers have spent more than a century caring for the land, sharing a commitment to public health, and supporting the communities they serve.

California walnut growers and processors utilize progressive agriculture techniques and technology for farming, growing, harvesting and processing walnuts. View the video below to learn more about the journey from tree to table, including food quality and safety standards and culinary approaches that bring this tasty and nutritious nut to life.

You can visit walnuts.org for more information on proper storage, nutritional benefits and exciting ways to use walnuts in your next meal.

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