About The Buzz: Grapefruit Helps You Lose Weight?

TheBUZZ Grapefruit helps you lose weight?


Eating half a grapefruit before meals will cause you to burn fat and lose weight.


The grapefruit diet, sometimes called the “Hollywood Diet,” has been around since the 1930’s. There are variations of the diet, but eating half a grapefruit prior to each meal to lose weight is the premise. At least two studies have been done to specifically test the effectiveness of grapefruit on weight loss. One study of obese patients does suggest that eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice before meals may assist weight loss.¹ However, a more recent grapefruit study suggests that consumption of any low-energy-dense food (i.e. foods that are low in calories but high in water) 20 minutes prior to a meal, coupled with a calorie-restricted diet, can be a great weight-loss strategy.²


The first study, conducted with 91 obese adults, showed greater weight loss in those who ate half a fresh grapefruit before meals each day compared to those who ate nothing prior to each meal over a 12-week period. In the more recent study at Vanderbilt University, 85 obese subjects followed a 2-week calorie-restricted diet and were randomly assigned grapefruit, grapefruit juice, or a water preload consumed 20 minutes before each of three daily meals for 12 weeks. The rate of weight loss was significantly greater for all three preload groups compared to the two weeks without a preload. Those consuming the preload reported feeling less hungry as well. This adds to a growing body of research that suggests the consumption of foods that are low in calories but high in water (like grapefruit or other fruit) prior to a meal, coupled with a calorie-restricted diet can help reduce hunger and offers a great weight-loss strategy.


Eating half a grapefruit or a serving of other fruit or vegetable prior to meals can help decrease caloric intake at the meal while adding to the satiety of the meal. Remember to make half your plate fruits and vegetables every time you eat, and include grapefruit as part of those meals and snacks! Below are some simple ways to add delicious, healthy, and satisfying grapefruit to your day …

6 Ways to Add Grapefruit to Your Day

  • Peel and eat for a quick and easy snack on the go!
  • Toss with cooked shrimp and fresh avocado into a salad to add an exotic twist
  • Add slices to yogurt for a light snack or breakfast
  • Mix juice into sauces for a sweet and tangy twist
  • Chop into vinaigrettes, sauces and relishes
  • For a summer salsa, dice with cilantro and chili peppers and serve over poultry or fish – or even with chips for a party snack

Grapefruit Recipes
Rio Grande Spinach Salad
Chicken with Ginger, Broccoli & Grapefruit


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