About the Buzz: Grapefruit Burns Fat

TheBUZZ Grapefruit Burns Fat

Eating a half a grapefruit before meals will burn fat.


The existence of magical fat-burning properties in grapefruit is unproven. One study suggests that eating half of a grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice before meals may assist weight loss, especially for those with metabolic syndrome. The reasons are not clear, but most likely the grapefruit or juice is replacing higher calorie foods, which may help increase feelings of fullness, leading to less calorie intake from the meal. Studies with rats suggest a way that the scent of grapefruit might work for weight loss, but it is also not known if the effect is the same in humans.


Two studies with rats showed that the scent of grapefruit oil stimulated a part of the nervous system that triggers fat-burning in some parts of fat tissue. However, its affect on actual weight loss was not tested. One study, conducted with human subjects who were obese, showed a greater weight-loss in those who ate half a grapefruit before meals compared to those who ate nothing. Compared to those not eating anything before meals, more weight was lost by those with metabolic syndrome who were either eating half a grapefruit, drinking grapefruit juice or taking a grapefruit capsule. However, the study was small and short-term, and the mechanism is unknown. Further research is needed in humans to identify possible ways that grapefruit might assist with weight-loss beyond replacing higher calorie foods.


Eating half a grapefruit or a serving of any other fruit or vegetable prior to meals may help decrease intake at the meal. Including more fruits and vegetables and decreasing portions of higher calorie foods at meals will also have the same effect. As a guide, make half your plate fruits and vegetables. Weight loss aids that are based on grapefruit have not been shown to be effective or safe, and should be avoided.

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