About The Buzz: A Fruit-Rich Diet Lowers the Risk of Aneurysm?

TheBUZZ A fruit-rich diet lowers the risk of aneurysm?

Eating lots of fruit might protect against vascular diseases, including aneurysms that can develop and rupture in the body’s largest blood vessel, the abdominal aorta.


High levels of certain antioxidants are thought to reduce inflammation, thereby decreasing the risk of aneurysm. Antioxidants also help to improve overall good health by removing free radicals that damage cells and are associated with certain kinds of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and stroke.


A large study in Sweden which followed more than 80,000 adults over a 13-year period found that participants who ate more than two servings of fruit a day (not counting juice) had a 25% lower risk of getting an aneurysm and a 43% decreased risk of it rupturing, compared to those who ate less than one fruit serving per day. People who ate two servings a day had a 31% lower aneurysm risk and a 39% lower risk of rupture than those who didn’t eat any fruit. Researchers in this study found no association with consuming vegetables, which are also chock full of important antioxidants, just not all of the same ones found in fruit.


Diets rich in fruits and vegetables can protect against many diseases, including certain cancers, coronary heart disease, and stroke. It is thought that various phytochemicals and nutrients in these foods (many of which act as antioxidants) work synergistically to provide this protection. It is possible that certain antioxidants found only in fruit may be associated with a decreased risk of abdominal aneurysms. Bottom line: to protect your overall vascular health, eat more fruit and vegetables each day.

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