These flavorful stir-fry noodles are packed with delicious veggies.


  1. Put large pot of water on to boil for noodles.
  2. Heat large sauté pan or wok to medium-high heat. Add shishito peppers to dry pan (no oil or fat). Blister/char sides of peppers turning occasionally. Remove from pan and set aside.
  3. Remove pan from heat and cool for 1 minute. Return pan and adjust heat to medium. Add ½ tbsp of sesame oil. Oil should shimmer and slightly smoke.
  4. Brown the chicken in batches. The goal is to brown the chicken, not fully cook it. If necessary, add the other 1 tsp of sesame oil to pan before starting second or third batch.
  5. In the same pan – return to med high heat and add 1 tsp sesame oil. Brown carrots for 1-2 minutes tossing occasionally.
  6. Add red peppers. Cook 1 minute, tossing 2-3 times.
  7. Add cabbage cook 1-2 minutes, tossing 2-3.
  8.  Remove pan from heat. Add shishito peppers and chicken (including the juices) to vegetables. Set aside.
  9. Cook the noodles according to package directions. Typically, 3-5 minutes in boiling water. Cook until tender but just firm enough to cook with vegetables without getting mushy. Reserve ¼ cup of water from the noodles.
  10. While noodles are cooking make the stir-fry noodle sauce by combining all ingredients in a bowl and whisking together.
  11. Drain the noodles and add directly to chicken and vegetable mixture. Return pan to heat using high heat and toss noodles with vegetables.
  12. Keep noodles and vegetables moving (bottom of pan is getting very hot). Pour stiry-fry noodle sauce and ½ reserved noodle water over stir-fry mixture. Keep tossing and mixing trying to coat the stir-fry in the saucy liquid.
  13. Continue until sauce is desired thickness – adhering to noodles, glossy, and coats all of the stir-fry well.
  14. Remove and serve with Sambal Olek chili paste and additional stir-fry noodle sauce if desired.

Recipe Notes:

If you’re using fresh store-bought Asian noodles of any kind, do not salt the water. These noodles as well as the sauces used have plenty of salt. However, if you are using a dried wheat, egg or rice noodle, salt the cooking water lightly. The water should taste of light saltiness on the tongue.

If you’re using dried noodles, cook them to tender but slightly under done. Drain, run under cold water, and then toss lightly with oil. Set aside. (Reserve 1/2 cup of pasta cooking liquid for later.) The starch from the noodles will help thicken the noodles sauce in the last steps.

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