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Produce For Better Health Foundation Welcomes Matt Middleton As Chairman Of The Board

Katie Calligaro, Marketing & Communications Director
Produce for Better Health Foundation
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New Executive Leadership & Strategic Plan Positions PBH For Success In 2021

Matt Middleton, Vice president of Retail Sales at Ventura Foods and PBH Chairman of the Board

February 9, 2021 – The Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) welcomes its 2021 Executive Committee, including 2021 Chairman of the Board, Matt Middleton of Ventura Foods. Approved during the recent PBH Board of Trustees Meeting, PBH’s incoming executive leadership will ensure PBH continues its successful transformation and fully executives its strategic plan.

“Matt Middleton has served as a trusted advisor on the Executive Committee since my start at PBH in 2017, and I am thrilled to have his leadership as Chairman of the Board,” said Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, MS, RDN, President & CEO of PBH. “His dedication over the years has been invaluable. Matt is driven to grow PBH and the Have A Plant® Movement, while also advancing the industry’s collective commitment to overall fruit and vegetable consumption in America.”

“I want to thank the PBH Board of Trustees as well as extend my sincere appreciation to my predecessor, Bil Goldfield of Dole Food Company, Inc., for his tremendous leadership of PBH during a tumultuous year,” said Matt Middleton, Vice President of Retail Sales at Ventura Foods and PBH Chairman of the Board. “I’m excited for what the future has in store for the new PBH—destined for greatness—and I am both humbled and honored for the opportunity to lead.”

According to its governance, PBH is a member-driven organization led by the decisions of its Executive Officers, as well as the commitment, monetary support and leadership of the Board of Trustees. The 2021 PBH Executive Committee includes:

PBH 2021 Executive Committee Officers

  • Bil Goldfield, Dole Food Company, Inc. – Immediate Past Chairman
  • Matt Middleton, Ventura Foods LLC – Chairman of the Board
  • CarrieAnn Arias, Naturipe Farms, LLC – Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Desiree Olivero, Wakefern Food Corporation – Secretary and Treasurer

PBH 2021 At-Large Executive Committee Members

  • Kimberely Challoner, Seneca Foods Corporation
  • Brittni Furrow, Ahold USA
  • Fernando Herrera, Sun-Maid Growers of California
  • Leona Neill, Red Sun Farms
  • Jason Osborn, The Wonderful Company
  • Jeff Scramlin, HZPC
  • Brianna Shales, Stemilt Growers LLC
  • Milton Stokes, Bayer
  • Nichole Towell, Duda Farm Fresh Foods

PBH would also like to recognize those who are transitioning off the Executive Committee for their leadership and dedication during their term:

  • Roger Pepperl, Stemilt Growers LLC (retired)
  • Andrew Burchett, Bayer
  • Garland Perkins, The Oppenheimer Group
  • Teri Rose, The Kroger Company (retired)

During its January meeting, the PBH Board of Trustees also revisited the 2020-2022 PBH Strategic Plan and reviewed the 2021 PBH Business Plan, which reinforces the PBH Strategic Plan. Specifically, the 2020-2022 PBH Strategic Plan includes four pillars and corresponding 2021 priorities:

  • Consumer and Behavioral Expertise – PBH will continue its commitment to translating research into compelling content that delivers actionable insights to various stakeholders, particularly with the launch of its State of the Plate: America’s Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Trends Report in late February. In 2021, PBH will also form a Scientific Advisory Council, which includes PBH Chief Food and Nutrition Scientist Taylor Wallace and PBH Chief Behavioral Scientist Dr. Jason Riis as well as other renowned experts, to inform PBH’s research platform; exchange behavioral insights; and amplify consumption solutions broadly.
  • Consumer and Influencer Engagement – PBH will continue to optimize its significant reach to ignite Millennials’ and Gen Z’s inherent desire to be advocates and mobilize them in extending the award-winning and consumer-facing Have A Plant® Movement. PBH’s digital ecosystem will drive the Movement, and the PBH ambassador network further amplifies the Movement utilizing PBH’s KNOW-FEEL-DO™ Behavioral Framework. 2021 will again include PBH’s signature National Fruits & Veggies Month™ promotion in September as well as a comprehensive public relations and media relations strategy to include both trade press and mainstream media. PBH is also well-positioned to respond to issues and provide much-needed context to millions of consumers through its digital ecosystem and ambassador network.
  • Convening Thought Leadership – PBH will maximize the power of its credible thought leadership, relationships, partnerships and membership to bring stakeholders together with one purpose, one voice and one call-to-action. This pillar is focused elevating new fruit and vegetable consumption behaviors as a national priority (one purpose). PBH will also form a multi-sector Consumption Coalition (one voice) further galvanizing support for changing the approach to fruits and vegetables given the lack of new fruit and vegetable consumption behaviors. PBH plans to convene the first-ever National Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Summit in fall of 2022 and develop a multi-sector national action plan to advance America’s consumption of fruits and vegetables (one call-to-action).
  • Operational Excellence – PBH remains committed to ensuring that PBH operates effectively and efficiently as well as demonstrates overall accountability and fiscal transparency to its members, partners and supporters.

“PBH’s Strategic Plan is big and aggressive, and it is exactly what is needed to break through to consumers and inspire behavior change. PBH is also providing the industry with value platforms to help Americans choose fruits and vegetables first,” said Middleton. “I strongly encourage the industry to get on board with supporting PBH and the Have A Plant® Movement. The time is now to come together with one purpose and one collective voice.”

For more information about how to partner with PBH, how to become a member or simply how to make a charitable donation that can help advance fruit and vegetable consumption in America, contact Sharese Roper, Member Engagement Director at PBH.