PBH Expert Series Webinar

Fruit & Veggie Hacks That Make Habits Stick: At Retail, At Home & In Foodservice

Humans are creatures of habit. PBH research shows that the consumption of fruits and vegetables is declining nationwide, even among traditionally higher-frequency consumers. There is also a reduction in previously prevalent uses of fruits and vegetables in everyday life – AND, we also know from the latest research that people who learn new fruit and vegetable hacks are more likely to “do” them. Join Lunchbox Dad, Beau Coffron, Chef and Registered Dietitian Abbie Gellman and Yale Hospitality, Health & Wellness Manager, Sarah Kiel, RD, as they discuss – and bring to life – different approaches and styles to show hacks that build habits in retail, foodservice, at home and specifically for kids.

Watch the recording of the webinar below.

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